5 reasons to consider Fidelity Bond Insurance

  1. CUNA Mutual’s Fidelity Bond was developed for Credit Unions and has been protecting them for over thirty years.

We know through experience what can go wrong in Credit Unions so our Fidelity Bond is designed to be there for you when things do go wrong.

CUNA Mutual’s designed Fidelity Bond Program has covered over 10,000 credit unions globally.

  1. CUNA Mutual’s Fidelity Bond Program covers your Credit Union against fraud, loss of money counterfeit currencies, director and employee dishonesty and the loss other securities held by the Credit Union.


  1. CUNA’S Fidelity Bond can cover fees and expenses for special audits of credit union records, when dishonesty has been discovered.


  1. By law Credit Unions are required to have Fidelity Bond Cover in place, CUNA Mutual’s Fidelity Bond Program gives board and managers peace of mind knowing that the credit unions assets are protected.

CUNA Mutual’s Fidelity Bond protects the assets from those threats both from outside and inside the credit union

  1. Our professional claims handling team are always ready to support the credit union when things go wrong, and deal with all claims quickly and efficiently, our team are also ready to give Credit Unions Boards and Management and advice and direction to prevent the more common losses occurring.

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