Loan Protection and Life Savings

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For over 40 years, Credit Unions in the UK & Ireland have partnered with CUNA Mutual to protect members’ savings and loans.  Loan Protection and Life Savings Protection provide peace of mind to members and Credit Unions – ensuring that the “Debt dies with the Debtor” whilst providing a valuable financial support for loved ones, often at a time when it’s most needed.

5 Reasons to consider Loan Protection and Life Savings Protection

  1. Gives Credit Unions unique benefits that provide great reasons to save and borrow with the Credit Union.
  2. Puts people before profit – helping bereaved families with the financial burden of funeral expenses.
  3. Encourages great savings habits, and responsible borrowing.
  4. Protects Credit Unions from unexpected loan write-offs, and from the difficult task of recovering outstanding loans from the estate of a deceased member.
  5. Demonstrates the Credit Union ethos of “people helping people”.

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