Is your member’s information secure?

By July 21, 2017Blog, News

To have a better understanding of what information security means let’s firstly compare information security to how we look at security around the Credit Unions cash. We don’t want any person being able to view the Credit Unions accounts and we especially we don’t want unauthorised persons being able move cash from one account to another.

Firstly, we put in place many secure steps before cash can be moved from the Credit Union and rightly so. Secondly, we want immediate access to the Credit Unions cash as do our members. So with cash, we value keeping it out of the hands of others, we want access to the credit unions cash when necessary.  When considering the Credit Union information security we must have a similar culture of security to cash, highly controlled access by certain persons in the Credit Union and no access others.

The Credit Unions information is spread across many areas, i.e. hard drives, cloud storage, desks tops and laptops. We immediately see that having robust information security is vital especially when we view its security as we do cash. It’s vital that Credit Unions take a thorough approach to information security and have in place policies and procedures around where it is held, who has access to it and vitally those whom we don’t want to have access are restricted from doing so. Also importantly when there has been unauthorised access to the credit unions information we need a solid business continuity plan with the next steps to reduce or reduce the damaged caused.