Cybersecurity for Credit Unions Part 2:

By December 9, 2016Blog, News

How can Credit Unions act smarter when it comes to Cybersecurity? Once staff have an understanding of how cybercriminals operate, an organisation must assess the risk to the Credit Union. Businesses are required to protect the personal data of their customers.

* “It is not just big businesses that are affected. Ransomware attacks often target small businesses and do not request large sums to unencrypt files – but this can escalate in future attacks. Malware – such as viruses and spyware – can result in a range of serious consequences for your business, including:

  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Invasion of personal privacy
  • Theft, deletion and/or corruption of data
  • Non-compliance with data protection rules
  • A slow or unusable computer”

Penetration tests can identify areas of concern in an organisations systems. We have collaborated with IT Governance to create a tailored Cyber Essentials package for Credit Unions. Included in the package is a network penetration test.

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